Additional Business Meetings and Workshop Formats

"Al-Anon Spoken Here" Workshop

First Saturday of every month at 2pm


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Meeting Schedule Times and Topics

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6am Just For Today Three Meditation Books

8am Sunday Arise and Shine

11am Sunday Morning Paths to Recovery

2pm Sunday Paths to Recovery Book Study

4pm Sunday Opening our Hearts Transforming our Losses

6pm Sunday Sharing our Experience, Stength and Hope

8pm Sunday Night Steps and Traditions How Al-Anon Works

10 pm Sunday Sharing Our Recovery Al-Anon's Magazine Stories from The Forum


6am Monday Just For Today Three Meditation Books

9am Monday Meditation Book Meeting from Three Daily Readers

Noon Monday Day A Topic from the Three Meditation Books

4pm Monday Beginners Literature meeting

8pm Monday Night From Survival to Recovery

10pm Monday Blueprint for Progress

Midnight Monday Topic Recovery Meeting


6am Tuesday Just For Today Three Meditation Books

9am Tuesday Beginners Step One Study

Noon Tuesday Day Al-Anon Twelve and Twelve

4pm Tuesday Step Ten Meeting

8pm Tuesday Night Topic Discussion Three Mediation Books

10pm Tuesday Night LGBTO Meeting Discovering Choices


6am Wednesday Just For Today Three Meditation Books

9am Wednesday Beginner Step Two Study

Noon Wednesday Day From Survival to Recovery

4pm Wednesday Meditation Meeting

8pm Wednesday Night Beginner’s Meeting How Al-Anon Works


6am Friday Just For Today Three Meditation Books

9am Thursday Gratitude Meeting

Noon Thursday Day Al-Anon’s Three Meditation Books

4pm Thursday Beginners Slogans

8pm Thursday Night Paths to Recovery

10pm Thursday Blueprint for Progress

Midnight Thursday Three Daily Meditation Books


6am Saturday Just For Today Three Meditation Books

9am Friday Step Three

Noon Friday Day Speaker Meeting

4pm Step Twelve Meeting

8pm Friday Night How Al-Anon Works

10pm Recovering in Al-Anon-In All Our Affairs: Making Crises Work For You


6am Saturday Just For Today Three Meditation Books

8am Saturday Early Morning Speaker Meeting

10am Saturday Paths to Recovery Traditions Meeting

Noon Saturday Day Hope for Today Meditation Book

4pm Saturday Opening our Hearts Transforming our Losses

6pm Saturday The Eleventh Step Study Meeting (starts April 7th)

8pm Saturday Evening Sunset Speaker Meeting  

10pm Saturday Tradition Meeting

Monthly Workshops and Business Meeting

1st and 3rd Saturday of the month- Business Bridge Tech Service Meeting, 2 - 3:30pm

2nd Saturday of the month- 2pm "The Concepts Al-Anon's Best Kept Secret" Workshop, Pamphlet P-57

4th week of the month - Obstacles to Success Workshop Weds. 2pm, 10pm and Saturday 2pm

Meeting Phone Number 712-432-8733 access code 52639#



print calendars (click here)

Temporary back up number 4/9/17- 605-475-4120 access code 4354059#. Then when ask to record your name simply tap # again.

Difficulties Dialing in with certain cell carriers- Please follow the attached guidelines.

Website Postings- Please have all necessary weekly documents that need to be posted on the website by Thursday 8pm EST to allow time to process your request. Email

"Al-Anon Spoken Here" Worshop - The first Saturday of every month Saturday at 2pm EST.

Treasurer Service Position- Member with accounting background needed to do service as treasurer. If prompted by your Higher Power please email

Please see the Service duties and Responsibilities for this position on the "Service Position" page of the website including the "Contributions" page.


For the Schedule on this Phone Bridge

Dial 712-432-8733 pin 84637 # (TIMES)

For Minutes

Dial 712-432-8733 pin 6468837 # (MINUTES)

Buiness Meeting Agenda Items

--New Business:

--Old Business:

--After Meeting - Adhering to The Three Obstacles to Success. Considerations for the newcomer.


7th Tradition Contributions- Technical issues with the donation button are now fixed. Thank you for your patience. Please visit the Contributions page to make donations.

Open Service Positions

See Service Positions for description of positions.

Treasurer for the Montly Business Meeting.

Web Coordinator for the website and email.

Minute Taker/Secretary for the Business Meetings for the entire phone bridge.


Having technical difficulties dialing in? If you would like this issue to be looked into please email with the below information. This information will be kept confidential.

- your calling phone number

- the date of your call

- the EXACT time you called in (example 9:56 pm EST)

- and the EXACT message heard.

Back Up Phone Number- 605-562-0020 access code 924308304# Star 6 to mute/unmute

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