Meeting Phone Number 712-432-8733 access code 52639#

How To Register A Phone Meeting or Update the CMA


Registering a phone meeting is a simple process. By group conscience a new phone meeting and format draft idea ought to be brought to the Group Conscience Meeting on the 4th Saturday of each month at 1:30 EST on the above phone number and access code. This is just a way to ensure that meetings are not overlapping in time and subject matter with the other meetings.


After the first step, download the Al-Anon Phone Meeting form below, fill it out and email or send it to WSO. WSO's email and mailing address can be found in all Al-Anon books and literature.

(Once your phone meeting is registered, please send the WSO ID # to the below email)


Al-Anon's Phone Meeting Registration and CMA Form


NOTE: If your meeting does not have a WSO ID # on the schedule and download page registration can be done as stated above in STEP TWO.


A CMA is a Certified Mailing Address Al-Anon member that WSO can mail quartery appeals letters and other information to share at each autonomous meeting with other members. The above form is used, also asking for two additional contact members besides the CMA.

The form ask to check the update box at the top of the form and to fill in the pertinent individual meeting information. At the bottom of the form it has the CMA information for filling out.



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